Pillars Of Hercules

Pillars Of Hercules

Pillars Of Hercules is a match-three game set in ancient history
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Pillars Of Hercules is a match-three game set in ancient history. This game is also referred to (even in some parts of the game itself) as Atlantis Quest, which is, in turn, not free.
In the game, you must form groups of three identical tiles by swapping adjacent pieces with your left mouse button. The formed group will then disappear from the board, and the place they left will be occupied by the pieces that were above them. Some tiles will be locked, you won´t be able to swap them, but they will disappear if you form a group that includes them. The object of wiping out tiles is to make the pieces of an artifact reach the bottom line. When they reach the last line, they will be used to reconstruct the artifact. Once the artifact is complete, you will discover a map that will lead you to the next level. You will also be able to collect some special items that will ease your quest, by making tiles disappear, among other power ups. At any moment you can stop your game and save it, to restart it from where you left. Through the 76 levels you will travel to ancient Greece, Babylon, Carthage, Egypt and Rome.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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